P:R Approved: Chris Samnee’s Golden Age Batman

Check out this excellent little set of mods for the Golden Age Batman uniform by hyper-talented art monster, Chris Samnee! The Golden Age look has long been a favorite of mine, so I was delighted to see his version of it. Chris has a real eye for costume design, as we’ve noted here at P:R before. For this piece, he’s thought out the seams, folds, snaps, and utilities so clearly and cleverly for what I imagine is merely a one-off illustration. The belt has a touch of sci-fi, but still looks practical for the era, and I always like a nod to the classic round belt buckle. I think I’d like to see this in simple black and gray with a pale yellow belt, rather than with the purple gloves (though, I know, I’m spouting blasphemy here). There’s even what looks like a holster there for a touch of “The Bat-Man with the Golden Age Gun” accuracy. Chris noted in his Tumblr post today that he was going for “more of a ‘real world of thirties’ feel.” Mission accomplished.  – Dean

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  1. Uhhh, WOW. Just when I think I’ve seen every cool rework of the Bat-Man something like this comes along. just perfect, exactly how I picture the character.

  2. Speaking of his bulky (still looking cool though) utility belt, Chris is pretty smart to add belt pad underneath for comfort against friction.

  3. I saw this on Samnee’s tumbler the other day, and thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if DC made a Batman comic set in the 30s with Samnee as the artist? That would be amazing.”

  4. This is wonderful work. But not just for the excellent composition, the perspective on the Art Deco cityscape around the wonderfully-formed anatomy, the restrained and carefully realistic interpretation of the costume or the clear realization of an image of the four-color superhero. What makes this perfect to me is how subdued and believable the character looks. He’s not a pile of muscles attached to some crazily-idealized skeleton, he looks like a really fit dude wearing a costume. That’s something I think could be used more of.

  5. At first glance, this looks almost identical to the original costume, but I really love all the changes included to add detail and realism. The ears, the collar, the utility belt, the longer shorts, and the buttons on his boots all look great. Also, I always like when artists add vertical lines to the cuffs of a hero’s sleeves to make him look like he’s wearing a sweater. Great job, Chris.

    The purple gloves are the best, Dean. Blasphemer!

  6. Sooooooo…..is Project Rooftop succumbing to the same fate as MTV Splash Page? Where are the updates???? BTW Love the Bats redesign…looks like a person could actually wear it. Carry on.

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