9 comments to “Batgirl & Wonder Woman by Mingjue Helen Chen”
  1. These are really nice. I especially like seeing depictions of Wonder Woman that don’t have gigantic improbable boobs!

  2. I love the civvie spandex thing in general, but I think they went a little too far for Batgirl. Maybe dial it in to feel more like a jacket over tights rather than all normal attire only with a mask? The concept works much better for Wonder Woman (or Wonder Girl??), but I question so much bare midriff there. The booty shorts combined with the high socks (?) also seem a bit too fetish-y. Sure, the fetish angle fits her character’s origins, but I don’t like it for the here-and-now. Artwork is great all around though.

  3. Happy New Year, Project Rooftop!

    I like these designs. Wonder Woman looks a little young and I don’t quite get the glove on one hand, but they’re both incredibly cute. I spent like half an hour browsing Ms. Chen’s sketchblog, and I loved it.

  4. Wow, now these are some cool, kiddy designs of Batgirl and Wonder Woman. The sneakers and the little pouch just work right for Batgirl, and the star-spangled shorts and single glove on Wonder Woman just work.

  5. I really like the animation style and poses chosen for these, but I’m not sure I like the outfits as redesigns. There’s just not much to get excited over here aside from WW’s shorts. And why is she wearing a glove? Just one glove?

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