10 comments to “Cyclops by Carlos Nicolas Zamudio”
  1. This is a hell of a drawing. It’s telling that the NOW Cyclops’ X-eyepiece is cropping up in more redesigns – it’s such a good idea that it makes everyone smack their foreheads and go “why didn’t I think of that years ago?”

  2. The earplugs definitely have to go. The main image makes him look hipster, complete with MP3-player.

  3. I love that it so clearly picks details from of Cyclops’s best costumes, especially the current, Quitely, and Cassaday costumes. Really, really love it.

  4. Okay, guys, seriously: I’m fed up with your censorship. Count me out of this dump. You wanna suppress every divergent opinion on your hyped drawings? Fine, I’ll be sure to let the world know. See ya ’round.

  5. My main problem with this is too many Xs. Cyclops has always been cursed with having a bland, generic, general X-men costume, with either standard X-men colors, or Xs every where.

    I guess that’s why Bachalo’s design is so great. 2 Xs, one used ingeniously on his mask, and non-standard X-men colors. I can’t help but see this as a lesser version, or worse, just a hodge-podge of various suits he’s worn through out the years.

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