Jordan Gibson’s Mary Marvel Beyond

Rooftop Regular Jordan Gibson recently took a shot at creating a Mary Marvel look for the Batman Beyond universe. This looks pretty solid to me. Elegant and simplified. The nods to the fashion of the era make sense, as Mary’s original costume did as well. I wonder if maybe Mary is older than her superhero counterpart at this point, and if she’s perhaps the current Captain Marvel. – Dean

7 comments to “Jordan Gibson’s Mary Marvel Beyond”
  1. Actually, Dean, Jordan has a beyond version of Billy and Freddie up on his DeviantArt page as well and both look just as spectacular.

  2. I love how clean & spare the design is allowing the iconic lightning bolt to really stand out. I like the black collar & tights even though they give off that Star Trek: The Next Generation vibe.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Even though I drew designs for Billy and Freddy, I TOTALLY support the idea of Mary being Captain Marvel in the beyond universe.

    For my inspiration, I looked at security guard designs from the show because they seemed like a logical update of the retro ‘operetta-style’ solider uniforms from which Captain Marvel’s original design was based. Definitely pushed the Starfleet angle as well, once I noticed it.

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