Cory Walker’s Supergirls

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Longtime Rooftop Readers will recall artist Cory Walker’s various Supergirl redesigns. Here are a few new, slick looks from Cory’s art blog, Scatchblag. The first one has a fresh, sci-fi messiah vibe, and the 90s Superboy-modeled one really hits home for me, but the final look, which Cory described as Eradicator Supergirl, rocks the hardest, in my opinion. – Dean

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  1. O man… I love me some Cory Walker. I’m in agreement. The last one is great. But the hood is just going to catch air and flap in her face. Still, from a suspended disbelief/graphic and clothing design standpoint, I’m liking it a lot.

  2. I love the final one, it’s so modern and kind of classing, the one in the middle is very 90’s con-el. And the First one is just BAD. ASS.

  3. The first one is pretty nice….I can’t turn away from it. The white, the hood the armor pieces don’t go together , but I still love it … and I don;t know why……..His art blog is also pretty nice, there’s a Batgirl sketch on there that was the freshest take I’ve ever seen on the character.. I love Corey Walker.

  4. Regardless of the designs (which are all very good) i really dig his girl drawings, i want to draw girls like that.

  5. I like them all. The first reminds me of taking cues from the Man of Steel flick. I love the hooded look for her. The 90’s Superboy look actually really works. But the last is definitely my favorite.

  6. Is that a hooded scarf instead of a cape in the first one? That’s really inventive. Cool. I love the idea of scarves used to mimic the iconography of a cape, but it just doesn’t happen that much. Superboy-as-Supergirl is a really fun idea too, especially with how well the hair works for a girl (in the early 2010s anyway). The third one is… well, not as interesting. It’s not bad looking, but it’s just hard to say it stands as tall as the other two.

  7. I absolutely loath 90’s Superboy, but I love that second design. I don’t know what it is about girls with short hair.

  8. I’m digging on the second and third designs, but totally agree that the second one would be a Supergirl worth reading. Put that outfit on Superboy, and he’s kind of a tool. Put it on Supergirl, and it becomes interesting.

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