17 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: The Black Terror”
  1. I like Tom Kelly’s the best, but maybe tweak the torso skull into something less Punisher-y. But the kerchief skull face mask totally works.

  2. That last entry looks like Jason Todd. The ninth version is probably the best for something in continuity though.

  3. Tom Kelly’s is reminds me of Shadowman but is absolutely amazing! More heroes with wood axes please and thank you.

  4. Some great submissions / interpretations, and as always an honour to be featured among them :)
    Ella Nichols, Andy Rodriguez, Patrick Rawles and Daniel Fu are my particular favourites.

  5. I love Daniel Fu’s illustration – lovely style, dynamic figure movement, and the actual costume design is very nice and original. The loose skull tabard-thing is especially eye-catching.

  6. Nice! T. Kelly and Dan Fu’s stand out the most for me! Marti’s is very slick and an updated version of the current look, while I love Earl Carpenter II’s blaxploitation take.

  7. I agree with SW – Martinez has put forth an interesting new design that doesn’t scream Punisher.

    I do appreciate Tom Kelly’s take as well, sort of…Black Lantern + The Punisher + a huge axe (which is always a plus in my book).

    Patrick Rawles rounds out my top 3 with his Phantom of the Opera + Punisher + Dick Tracy creation.

  8. Small but great pool. Not a clunker among them.

    Martinez’s is the one that would work best in his current series and does a good job blending pulp and sci-fi.

    Fu and Kelly both sent in excellent designs which (as a couple of others have mentioned) may lean a little too Punisher. Other than that, I really like both of them.

    Nichols has a really interesting new take on the character. I especially like the mask.

    I also really like how Leyva separates the skull and crossbones. Very effective.

  9. nice bunch of Terrors, the couple that stole the Punisher’s skull would benefit from fixing that, since it looks more like a Punisher redesign with it. Patrick Rawles, Rich Trask and Ella Nichols are my standouts.

  10. First there was The Black Terror then Harlock (remember many Manga and anime started as bad copies of american properties) the Punisher came way later… I don’t find any of these to correspond to either, but to a mix of the two which is the way it should be.

    Props for Thomas Fummo 99% terror, & Bloem depiction is freaky as heck

  11. A lot of these are really fantastic, but many do fall into the trap of looking more like Punisher redesigns. For me Andy Rodriguez’s illustration is the best. It feels swashbuckly and really makes me think of Black Terror.

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