14 comments to “Samir Barrett’s Captain Marvels”
  1. I would like to see these two designs integrated into one. The warrior look is cool. However I miss the sash. The lightning bolt cape is a revelation! Although I dig assymmetry in costume designs, I have some concerns about how the design on the left stays on, especially during flight, movement, or combat. Overall very nice work and as usual preferable to the current NU 52 design.

  2. I really like the warrior one and the other one is mostly good. Although I’m not real sure about the half naked part…

  3. Agreed about the half-shirt, especially since he’s the alter-ego of a preteen/teenage-ish boy. Just feels off.

  4. Loving the Lightning bolt coming over the shoulder! I think Orion had it right with the idea of mixing the two. I love his current hooded look though.

  5. Haha, love how when it’s a guy, suddenly the typical excess skin-showing makes dudes feel uncomfortable. Guess I could play their usual card and say it’s part of his personality, or he isn’t shamed by showing off or some crap like that.

  6. Well i love the half shirt, and seriously when i was pre-teen not only was i going around shirtless, but being a little skinny dude meant i would have been quite happy with showing off THAT build, but that was there and then i guess. Today is all very serious & asexual like the bankers that govern us…

  7. I love the design on the left. The half-shirtless look gives him an ancient Greek influence which I think looks fine and helps differentiate him a little more from Superman. That’s always a plus for this character, and he seems like a powerhouse here. I think he needs some boots to better match the rest of his garb though. The one on the right appears to be more of a “displaced in time” version of the character to me.

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