Ultimate Spider-Batman Beyond by Dean Trippe


Introducing our new column, Amalgamatic, for amalgamized versions of heroes. To kick it off, here’s a Spider-Batman I drew at my son’s request. He’s a HUGE fan of the Miles Morales Spider-Man design (and was actually the first person on the planet to have a Miles costume, thanks to me and his grandmommy), and asked if I could draw him a Spider-Batman. Since the red and black look Miles sports is already reminiscent of Bruce Timm’s Terry McGinnis Batman, I figured those would mesh well. My favorite bit was lining the webs all the way up the bat ears.

Send your own amalgamized superheroes to projectrooftop@gmail.com! –Dean

9 comments to “Ultimate Spider-Batman Beyond by Dean Trippe”
  1. I’m not too sure how I feel about this one. I love both characters, but I don’t think they blend together very well. The webbing on the cowl, primarily the ears, doesn’t quite look right, and the chest emblem is really awkward. The whole thing is really awkward honestly, but it’s still probably the best amalgamation of the two I could imagine. At least the colors work.

  2. I remember loving this the first time I saw it (because it’s excellent); the McGinnis/Morales body shape suits Dean’s art style down to the ground. My favourite element’s the web-wings, which are so future I can barely stand it. Great stuff.

  3. I don’t really know, the style of Spider-Man will forever be too different to mix with Batman for me. But the design is beautiful and I love amalgam heroes, so thumbs up on the pic!

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