8 comments to “Erica Henderson’s Marvel Family”
  1. I can’t say I like their costumes, yet I don’t really dislike them either. The artwork is great though, the inclusion of Mister Mind, Dr. Sivana, and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny is perfect, but Mary’s hair is the absolute best.

  2. These are nicely drawn but they don’t look like costumes that a young kid would be excited to wear, which, in my opinion, is essential when it comes to redesigning the Marvel family.

  3. The Captain looks very Republic Serial, which isn’t a bad thing, but I think Julien nailed it. Except for the rather excellent cape on Mary, she and Junior are kind of generic superhero.

    Hoppy is awesome.

  4. why are Caps pants and shirt different colours? pants orange and shirt red.

    anyhow, fantastic art but i’m not feeling the actual designs personally.

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