Jason Latour’s “Swag Neato” Quentin Quire Makeover


Quentin Quire’s been a favorite character of mine in the X-Books since Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely introduced him in New X-Men, eleven years ago this month (HOLY KRAKOA, THAT IS INSANE). More recently, Kid Omega basically kicked off Schism, and despite being one of the most hated mutants on Earth, has continued to be a great, obnoxious dude to have around the X-Mansion in Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men series, set to new relaunch under writer (and excellent comics artist in his own right), Jason Latour, who is clearly putting his own stamp on the smug psychic. Known for his rad, oh-so-anti-authoritarian t-shirts declaring the correctness of known mutant terrorist Magneto and current mutant outlaw Cyclops, Quentin’s new nickname seems, like, a MILLION percent accurate. –Dean

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