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  1. I wish I could be more precise and objectiv than this but just WOOW. Beautiful, well done, well thought, well executed. The nice touch being the kind of purple glove and the B.Kane’s bat symbol :) I would have liked the ears to be longer, but the rest is great. I hope Zach Snyder is watching. Excellent job.

  2. Batman has the short purple gloves, gauntlets, and no undies. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to see in a Batman redesign here. It’s beautiful.

  3. Beautiful designs, but why-oh-why do artists keep giving Batman a yellow belt that stands out in the darkness?

    It would look so much more appropriate in black.

  4. Historical or not, Batman’s purples gloves look pretty weird and out of place. Other than that though, these are two of the best Batman and Nightwing redesigns I’ve ever seen!

  5. I love all of it and think they work on a very practical level. That being said, back in the day they dropped the purple gloves for a reason. :)

  6. I really like the overall designs, with the idea of them being more obviously tactical in nature, but I think parts of it come off a bit too clunky.

    The knee braces/pads seem to especially stick out as too clunky and likely restrictive. It kind of looks like they’re cutting into/sprouting out of their legs at the top and bottom (particularly Batman’s) as opposed to sitting on top of them. I thinks it’s because they’re mostly flat surfaces that don’t follow the actual curve of the leg.

    In general though, I think it’s a nice take.

  7. I like how Nightwing’s mask covers the side of his face. Nothing else seems really groundbreaking to me. Not bad necessarily, but it’a mostly an ordinary tactical look. Not a fan of the purple gloves on Bats either, but even black gloves wouldn’t have done it for me there.

  8. Lots to love here. The execution of the design on both characters is really well done. The boots and shin guards are particularly nice. I’m not at all opposed to the tech implied by the lenses and would like to see a bit more (maybe the forearms have computers interfaces).

    However, this is definitely a direction for the characters that always brings up a certain amount of dread for me. The dark, muted colors of course make sense for heroes trying to blend into the night but these designs pretty much abandon the colorful, fun aspects of these characters. I know this is where DC is headed anyway, but it strikes me as overly pessimistic.

  9. Personally, the only big change I’d suggest is strapping the gauntlets over the gloves rather than the gloves over the gauntlets as done hear.

  10. “Beautiful designs, but why-oh-why do artists keep giving Batman a yellow belt that stands out in the darkness?

    It would look so much more appropriate in black.”

    Ever tried getting dressed in the dark? Same reason-so he can find stuff. :)

  11. neat, I like the idea of the purple gloves, but in the context here they seem out of place. Super high-tech outfit all the way down to the wrists, then he goes dime store?

  12. These are hot to DEATH. It’s been interesting watching the resurgence of artists using Batman’s first-appearance wrist gloves, and this is definitely one of the better examples – and, like, the ninth or tenth best thing about these astonishing drawings. Look at Nightwing’s feet! Holy hell!

  13. Purple gloves!!!!! I’m not a fan of over-armored Batman (kind of defeats all the martial art and acrobatic training that is at the core of Batman’s…process), but I’m really digging this. Hints of armor, but a suit that still looks loose-fitting, comfortable, and agile.

  14. Great modernization of the classic Bat-look.
    Unifying elements bring the Batman and Nightwing costumes together – they really look like they came out of the same manufacturer / super secret armory.
    Nightwing retains the “more realistic take on Batman” look he has had for the last 20 (or more?) years.

    This is perfection to me. This is what should be on a DC book right now.

  15. based on the rumors i’m hearing about the bat suit in the man of steel sequel, i think something akin to this is a real possibility for that movie, and i would LOVE that. too bad the movie suit is already designed and done, or i might have more hope of them being directly inspired by this.

  16. Wonderful! What I especially love is that this appears to actually be a near-perfect amalgamation of his various incarnations: from the purple gloves and holstered gun calling back to the Golden Age (though this is a very different type of gun), the short ears of a campier era, and the bodysuit design of the more modern Batmen… this is truly a timeless-yet-modern design for this character.

    Also, much love for the Nightwing design. I like how it’s much the same equipment, but with some of it updated and replaced to aid his different skill-set. Excellent!

  17. These really are just about perfect. The only thing I don’t love is Nightwing’s mask down the side, but that’s not a deal killer by any means. Also, I just noticed Nightwing’s earpiece. It’s such a subtle little detail to add, proving just how very well thought out and executed these designs are.

  18. Everyone can stop redesigning Batman now, this guy just won.

    Amazing design. Just the right balance of simple and detail. Love the angular look of the cowl, I’d really like to see this costume in a movie.

  19. Fantastic designs!
    But, I figured out why Batman has short, purple gloves.
    They’re those purple nitrile gloves found in doctor’s offices. Perhaps Batman has decided to take crime-fighting to a more…ummm…”thorough” level. ;-)

  20. These are amazing designs. The Batman looks awesome, the detail that make it practical and realistic but with the nods of the previous looks (the gloves). Wish I had more time to come up with more superlatives to describe this!

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