10 comments to “Justice by Thomas Perkins”
  1. Very nice, I personally would’ve given him a utility belt and Flash’s boots, but this is great how it is.

  2. he did not made that piece for the amalgamatic he did that piece for another reason i should know i follow him on deviantart

  3. To top it all off, he stole Captain Picard’s belt buckle… really though, that is cool… the frivolous art style makes me happy. :)

  4. Sent it to me on Facebook first. As Tom’s my friend and we talk nearly every day. And also, if I post something in a column, it doesn’t always mean that’s what it was made for. My own amalgamatic post is older than the column. This isn’t. I’m really considering turning comments off here because they’re so frequently dumb and pointless.

  5. well Dean as an artist be open to criticism i as a fan don’t like to be mislead, misinform, lied to or when i point out the obvious to be taken down or erased and use what i said as a personal knowledge i just point out whats seems to be obvious that’s all, checked your art good stuff, nice day

  6. NO ONE HAS LIED TO OR MISLED YOU. Jesus, I’m really sick of comments here. Congrats. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and you just made the last, best case for closing them.

    REMINDER: If you’re unsatisfied with your Project: Rooftop experience, please see Customer Service for a full refund.

  7. I don’t understand. Marcial seems to have knowledge of commas, but not periods. I had to read through his senseless posts several times just to make complete sense of them. You don’t have to approve this comment for posting. I really do think the comments section should stick to discussing and critiquing the artwork, but I had to say something. Also, pretty please don’t remove the comments section :D

  8. How DARE you point out when someone is simply and quantifiably incorrect! You’re an artist! You should take criticism, even when it’s in the form of complete and utter misinformation and has nothing to do with your art and isn’t, you know, actually criticism!
    Shame on you! Don’t you know that someone’s ill-informed post about something he knows nothing about should just be considered constructive criticism? Sheesh!

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