7 comments to “Electric Supergirl by Cory Walker”
  1. I’ve been working on my own alternate version of the Justice League, and this looks like it could be a combination of two of the characters I’m using. I know saying that is a pretty stereotypical comment to make concerning fan art, however I literally just finished the quick character concepts I came up with and was about to post them to my Deviantart profile when I jumped over here to see if anything new had been added to P:R yet.

    Anyway, I will always have a special place in my heart for Electric Blue Superman, so right away this makes me happy. The combination of that hairstyle and all the electricity really brings to mind mohawk Storm. I think some people might say the bottom half is under-designed, but I think the blue legs contrast well with her light blue arms, and it keeps the focus on her face and torso. I like this a lot.

  2. Nice to know I wasn’t alone in liking Electric Superman. I think what really attracts me to All Star Superman is the fact that he had his aura power which made him a hybrid of the two types of Superman. This just takes me back to what I thought was one of the coolest looks for Superman

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