First Look at the CW’s The Flash

Entertainment Weekly posted this shot of The Flash’s profile today. I’m really digging it. It looks to me like the lightning headpieces are raised rather than extending. I think that’s a clever solution. A little more detail than movie Captain America’s headwings. I don’t normally like the chin-guard in the comics, but it seems to suit the look here. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the suit. What do you guys think? –Dean

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  1. Like you, I’m not usually a huge fan of the chinstrap but I think it actually looks really well in the flesh! That, plus the molded browridge, help create a really strong and iconic silhouette.

    The ‘stitching’ on the helm gives kind of a WWI-flying ace look, which I dig, and there seems to be some sort of jacket/top-layer implied, which I find interesting too. Overall this strikes me as a Flash who’s an adventurer.

    Also, it’s a tiny detail, but it’s so nice to see a superhero smiling in a promo shot! Here’s hoping we finally get a live-action DC hero who enjoys being a superhero now and again!

    Overall, very happy and optimistic about this!

  2. I think it looks brilliant. I don’t mind the darker color. I’d imagine most of the hero-work would be done during the day (just guessing). I’m glad they’re getting away from the “leather trend” when adapting costumes to live action. I’m super excited for the rest of the outfit. Am I the only one who’s anxious to see his shoes?

  3. I’m going to miss the ear wings, but I can deal with this. And I don’t like the chin guard usually either, but it works better here. Leather seems a bit odd for the Flash, but it is the Arrow-verse, so I guess it was inevitable. I just hope that the lightning bolts on his ears aren’t the same as the one on his chest; they work here, but they wouldn’t work as his main logo.

  4. I agree, great to see a superhero smiling for once. I’m so very very tired of all the grim, stone-faced mopey heroes DC have become so fixated with. I miss the JLU animated series so much.
    What we can see of the outfit looks good, although I do hope it’s not leather (for ethical and practical reasons: imaging the chafing).

  5. That’s really good. I like that a lot, the lightning bolts look great. The dark – almost Daredevil movie dark – red surprised me at first but I can dig it.

  6. I couldn’t be happier or more excited by this (re)design. Clearly inspired by Francis Manapul’s design, I hope the show has the same balance of levity and drama that the New 52 series has had.

  7. What we can see, I think it’s a perfect live-action translation of the comic book outfit. I have to agree about his smile too. It adds so much to him as a character, even for just this one image. I like the lightning bolts in place of the wings as well, and think they’re the best choice for live-action and possibly better brand recognition. I’m anxious to see the rest.

  8. I wouldn’t bet on the ear wings being gone, Joshua. There is definitely something gold sticking out on the left side of Barry’s head. It seems like the angle is wrong to be able to see the left side ear wing, but there is something gold going on there toward the right side of the photo. I guess we have to wait for a forward facing image to be released, eh?

  9. How does he get that on? Must be split u the back like live action Spider-Man I’ guessing…

    I think it looks pretty good though. Nice that they excluded the eye/face paint too!

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