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  1. I’m kinda iffy on this right now. I love the mask, but everything else is, huh. I feel it’s a bit bottom heavy with the more leathery material (aka I feel it’s missing shoulder pads or a back brace)

    Really to me the mask looks like it belongs with a different suit.

  2. Cool overall design, I like the slits at the knees which look like they’d aid movement, although all the leathery material doesn’t look like it’d breathe very well, which is odd for a superhero who’s best known for running really fast. It’d also look better and more fitting in with the character’s personality if the red was actually more red and less burgundy.

  3. I can’t say I hate it. It seems too far away from the comics. In fact the helmet/mask seems to be the closest to the source material. From the first photo I thought the “antennas” well 2dimensionnal only but they are actually pointing out slightly and this is really great. Well thought, well done, well adapted.
    The rest of the suit seems a bit off. The purple-ish red saddens the energy of what could have been a beautiful blood red. It’s overall a good work, but I think it lacks the “magic” touch somewhere.
    Could have been slightly more funky.

  4. Personally I like it. I like the textured look of it, with the bits of leather. I’m sure like the 90’s version and Batman Begins we’ll get an explanation of what the suit was originally for. Could use some more gold accents. I do like that the insignia has the red background instead of white, it actually makes the bolt pop more. Can’t wait to se it in action.

  5. If anything is not right here, I’d say it’s the pose. Or maybe his facial expression coupled with the pose. I think most people would like to see a white background for his emblem, but at least the red works with this outfit. I really like it for the most part. He looks remarkably like The Flash compared to what I thought he’d wind up looking like when this show was announced. It’ll be nice to see him in action soon.

  6. Overall I’m not a fan. I’ve seen a couple of other photos of the costume and it seems restrictive. I enjoyed Gustin’s performance on ARROW and I appreciated that he’s a thin/ wiry guy. I figured they’d take a cue from Sony’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 playbook and outfit the Flash in a flexible “neo-preeny”/ “spandexy” suit. This molded costume looks dated in general and works even less for a really physical character like the Flash. If they were to swap the suit for something more flexible, I think they could even make the cowl/ helmet work because it does protect the head. A guy breaking the sound barrier could need that sort of protection.

  7. There’s also the chance that the suit could change between the pilot and the series, so I think it’s important that fan’s voice their concerns in a clear and constructive way so the Studio and Production Office can take notes.

  8. If this show makes it past the first season, I can’t see this design not changing, even if only subtly. It does a lot of things great, but it’s definitely not perfect.

    It just doesn’t make a lot of sense for the character. The Flash is one superhero who it makes SENSE to have him wearing compression tights. Superman doesn’t need tights, Batman doesn’t need tights, but The Flash? Runners wear compression tights. They just do. In fact, I’d wager that some off-the-shelf athletic gear could be easily modified into a SOLID costume for the Flash on the cheap rather than using all this custom leathery textures and such. I almost want to go buy some running gear just to prove a point. Just looking around, I can’t find any examples of a “practical runner” cosplay version of The Flash.

  9. I find this to be an excellent interpretation. It’s more superheroish than anything out of the Arrowverse so far. Seeing it in action through the lens of the show will be the real test. But I have high hopes.

  10. I don’t really know the character very well, but I didn’t think the Flash really ran that much anyway? Doesn’t he move through the speed force or some such thing?

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