7 comments to “Evan “Doc” Shaner’s Superman Villains”
  1. I love the very silver age feel to these and yet how timeless they are. They don’t need all these useless pouches, and piping, and V-necks of the modern day to look cool or relevant.

    I’d love to see his take on Maxima or Mxy

  2. I agree with DRUIDDAN!

    I’d love to see Doc Shaner take on a Super-title fulltime. There have been some truly excellent artists on the excellent “Adventures of Superman” but his art stands out even among other artists’ work! I don’t know it is, but his art is perfectly suited to capture everything that is good and fun about Superman.

  3. neat, really like what he did with Brainiac. Would really like to see that Bizarro costume on a more STAS looking Biz. Parasite’s redesign looks right in line with the rest of these guys. Would really like to see Toyman and Mxy too.

  4. Gotta say my favorite is Bizarro for one awesome detail: underwear on the outside. Suddenly this is both a nod to the classic costume AND a reference to Bizarro doing things backwards/opposite of how they are supposed to be done. Brilliant.

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