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  1. Blue Spider, Blue Spider,
    Looks just like young Roy Scheider,
    Cutting edge Spider-Tech,
    Remember don’t fight crime and text,
    Look up, there goes the Blue Spider!

    Can he fly? Listen, sir,
    His name is Spider not Hummingbird.
    Can he fix laptops by Dell?
    If you have the manual.
    Look up, there goes the the Blue Spider!

    In the Heat of the Night,
    Ran until ’95,
    It was just like Homicide,
    But in the South and at Niiiiiight!

    Blue Spider, Blue Spider,
    He’s an oddball politico,
    What’d you expect?
    He’s Double Ditko.
    Look up, there goes the Blue Spider!

    With him, crime should prepare for mashup,
    Wherever there’s a bash-up,
    You’ll find the Blue Spider!

  2. This is so beautiful it made me cry a little. I would spend lots of money on a full comic based on this character.

  3. A comic book? This should be a Saturday-morning TV cartoon!

    I’ll get my re-animated Ramones to do the th*cough*…

    …I mean, I certainly don’t have the re-animated Ramones trapped in my basement laboratory! Who would ever think of such a thing?

  4. This is awesome. I would read this. @Alex Mitchell, so far as light-hearted, city-swinging young/mid 20s super-heroes go, I’ve always thought of Dick Grayson as Peter’s DC counterpart.

  5. If anything, I would’ve chosen brighter tones for the blues here. Even so, this is still a good blend of characters. I feel as though every ten years or so DC and Marvel should partner to release a new batch of Amalgam characters and comics. Once in the 90’s is not nearly enough, and there’s too much potential in characters new and old to not give it more than one shot.

  6. Horace, I’ve seen a good case made for branching Dick Grayson out as DC’s resident expert for alien/cross-dimensional/supernatural mystery and crime fighting. Have him go on adventures like the Silver Age Batman used to.

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