Project: Rooftop Partners With Wrestling Promotion CHIKARA for “Re-Create A Wrestler” Design Contest!

The avant garde of professional wrestling partners with the premiere superhero fashion site to invite artists to redesign four wrestlers!

Project: Rooftop is proud to announce a new contest that bridges the gap between superheroes and professional wrestling: to redesign four of the wrestlers from the American wrestling organization CHIKARA. This unique contest, done in partnership with CHIKARA, will be hosted at Artists are invited to redesign the wrestling characters Hallowicked, Icarus, Equinox and the Shard, part of a large cast of characters that perform under the CHIKARA banner. Artists are encouraged to submit their own rendition of any or all of these four CHIKARA characters to be spotlighted on and to be reviewed by a slate of all-star judges from comics and wrestling.

“The flavor of wrestling we make at CHIKARA is akin to a comic book come to life; we draw constant, regular inspiration from the medium and our love of comics permeates even the smallest details of our universe,” says CHIKARA’s founder, Mike Quackenbush. “There are so many points of intersection between these worlds, and costuming is a fascinating point from which to explore that.”
Quackenbush will lead a slate of judges to include comics writer and editor (and alum of Marvel & WWE) Aubrey Sitterson, former Marvel & DC editor Ruben Diaz, comics writer Vito Delsante and comics journalist and P:R co-founder Chris Arrant.

 “The connection between the superhero genre and pro-wrestling runs deep on both sides of the fence, and I’m excited for this unique opportunity with CHIKARA,” Arrant says. “It’ll be interesting to see how artists take their design skills and translate it to these wrestling super-heroes and super-villains who perform live.”

CHIKARA will be providing prize packages for the top 3 scoring entries for each of the four wrestling characters, including tickets to live events, CHIKARA t-shirts and DVDs, as well as a grand prize for the top entry for each character – the winner will be hired (and paid) to provide illustrated work in an upcoming CHIKARA comic collection. Aubrey Sitterson, who has edited comics for Marvel as well as The Walking Dead, has also offered to do an online portfolio review for the highest-scoring entries for each wrestling character.

Artists may submit multiple designs for each of the four wrestling characters, but they will be judged on a one-by-one basis. Reference photos for these four wrestlers available here. Send your submission as a .jpg, .,png or .gif with your full name as the file name. Send your submission as an attachment to with the subject line being “Re-Create A Wrestler,” and make sure to include your name and website in the body of the e-mail. Deadline is Monday, May 2 at 5pm Eastern.

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  1. This is great! I love Soldier Ant as a concept and all the silly “slow motion grenade” stuff they’ve been doing.

    Wrestling that is actually made for kids to watch, it’s awesome

  2. So, is this contest to design new costumes that the wrestlers could actually wear to ring, and therefor limited to cost and practicality or are we to design them like superheroes and the sky is the limit. I appologise for that crazy long sentence and any spelling errors found within.

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