RetroFix: Thomas Fummo’s Black Angel

It’s that time again! Time to jump into the Wayback Machine and grab a Golden Age character and bring her back alive! This month, Black Angel and our artist is Thomas Fummo!

250px-BlackAngelWho is Black Angel?

“Sylvia Manners an English society lady who was sent to live an an ancient castle with her aunt in the wake of the London bombings. She acted demure and sickly in public, but when the Nazi agents threatened her homeland, she slipped into the castle’s secret underground hangar and flew her plane against the Nazis as Black Angel. Later on, she met Colonel Prince, the RAF air ace known as “Black Prince.” The good colonial was infatuated with Black Angel, and Silvia was happy to return his affections (at least while she was in costume). Black Angel battled such enemies as Baroness Blood and the Son of Rasputin. While Black Angel did not have super powers, she was a skilled pilot and fighter. She also used poison darts to take out enemies.”

– from Public Domain Super Heroes

Why Black Angel?

Vito Delsante: To be clear, Thomas approached us with this design*, so the reasons why are his, but I look at it this way. We can never have enough super-heroines. And, from a design standpoint, this character is a blank slate. Literally. Her costume has more in common with Charlie Day’s Greenman than it does with superhero costumes of the day.

The RetroFix

Thomas Fummo: I really liked the idea behind this character, but – as much as I love those adorable little wings on her completely useless ‘mask’ – I felt like she needed an update. Substitute the Nazis with any other evil power and you’ve got a perfectly good modern heroine. I gave her a helmet with wing-shaped visor and exchanged her blow darts for a dart-gun, and her plane for a telescopic back-pack glider.

The Final Version

Thomas-Fummo-Black Angel Sketches

Vito: If you like this, you should check out what Thomas did with Magna, the Magnetic Woman and Senorita Rio! Thanks, Thomas!

*If YOU have an idea for a RetroFix, please contact us!

5 comments to “RetroFix: Thomas Fummo’s Black Angel”
  1. You know I love your stuff, Thommo, but I’m not too big on this one. I really like the old-fashioned and demure somewhat sense of sex appeal that the original has, and that weird headdress is killer.

    With that being said, I like a lot of things about your illustration, especially the wing pack and open helmet. I just wish it had more relation to the original costume.

  2. Thank you guys for featuring this (and thanks for the shout-out links to Magna and Rio!)
    Vito pretty much hit the nail on the head with regards to my motivation :)

  3. Yeah, i like this. The jacket and helmet look great together. I would read this book/play the video game/watch the movie.

  4. The wing pack seems a little over-designed in comparison to the rest, but that helmet and it’s visor is the perfect substitute for her original headpiece though, and the gas gun is a nice update/throwback. Nice work, Mr. Fummo.

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