Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman in “Edge of Spider-Verse”



Comic Book Resources announced “Edge of Spider-Verse” today, which will feature various spider-powered heroes, including this excellent Spider-Woman redesign by Robbi Rodriguez, for Gwen Stacy, to be written by P:R Pal and comics omni-threat Jason Latour. Head over to CBR for the other new Spider-Folks. –Dean

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  1. aaaaaah that cyan-and-wine colour pairing is completely floating my boat- I love how much the hood adds to the silhouette without being obtrusive. Top notch. :D


  2. The concept is cool and the choice of colours is… interesting (if a little too sharp in contrast). All that white would get dirty way too fast :) The overall look plus the hood reminds me a lot of Samir Barrett’s entry in the Spider-man 2.0 redesign contest.

  3. I like it a lot. Might make the aqua a little darker or add more of it to balance things out, but quite nice.

  4. The feet done in black with a sole patterned after the inside of her hood and her arms would probably been more appealing to me… otherwise, an awesome design. If only Gwen was with us… it sucks that after all of the revolving door deaths that have occurred in the Marvel universe… where Jean Grey has died and come back to life… what is it, 27 times now? Gwen has stayed dead.

  5. I don’t really care for the impractical hood, but the color choices are intriguing, and the placement of the spider emblem is different and cool. I may just pick these issues up. I’ve been loving everything with Miles Morales, but Peter Parker’s stories have gotten so convoluted and messy in recent years. Hopefully this is a nice turn-around for him and a good jumping-on point for me.

  6. I want this book. Cancel Peter’s title (no great loss at this point) and give me this. There i nothing wrong about the lines for this. It feels iconic

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