6 comments to “Martian Manhunter by Catherine Yi”
  1. I’m curious to know if his cape connects to his neck piece or if it just dips down from shoulder to shoulder. This design is definitely more alien, and to me more appropriate for Martian Manhunter, than his traditional attire. I especially like the yellow elements. Concerning any other character it would bug me that his clothes seem to blend in with and are indistinguishable from his flesh in some areas, but here I can chalk it up to Martian technology. It’s a bold move to get rid of J’onn’s exaggerated brow; that works here in this style, but the brow is his trademark and I wouldn’t want a MM without it.

  2. That’s pretty Moebius-tastic. It’s an excellent take on J’onn.

  3. Regal and supremely alien. This is a wonderful design.

    Reminds me a little of Abe Sapien with the neck.

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