Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart’s New Batgirl

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Alright Bat-Fans, it’s time for some good news. DC’s freshest talent have delivered us a brand-new Batgirl redesign full of radness and wonder. Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher are taking over the writing, with Rooftop Regular(!) Babs Tarr on interior arts, starting with issue #35. This is beyond exceptional news. With these creators, DC has just rejuvenated our idea of what kind of talent they’re seeking, and where they’re willing to move with costume design.

This look, a collaboration from Babs and Cameron, features such wonderful clarity and control. The overall vibe reminds me of the jacketed look of my first Batgirl redesign (don’t look at it, it was ages ago), which helped launch this entire enterprise here at P:R, but this has so much more detail and cleverness. It’s physical. It’s stylish. It’s practical at every level. The over-the-ears cowl, the snap-away cape, everything about this new Batgirl is wicked. This is a 10 out of 10 Rooftop Review right here.

You can get the rest of the details on the new series team over at Now, excuse me while I go doodle up some fanart and adjust my pull list. –Dean

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  1. It’s absolutely incredible, and exactly what Barbara Gordon should be wearing.

    I only hope other artists make sure they also keep the leather look of the design. It always looks like the suit in Cliff Chiang/Goran Sudzuka’s Wonder Woman is of a completely different material than the one in Superman/Wonder Woman.

  2. I really like the jacket, but I’m not sure on the leggings. I think something slightly more structured would look better. Maybe bring a bit of the black from the pants into the jacket panels.

  3. Im really digging the purple one. Love the use of Doc Martens-ish shoes, instead of heels or wedges haha probably one of my favourite Batgirl designs ever! <3

  4. i really dig the update. the jacket with the cape snaps at the shoulder is a great idea. its very fun and functional. Also, i’m pulling for the purple too

  5. I really like most aspects of this design.

    I just think it’s hilarious (sad?) that the design needed to specify that it’s a “leather jacket, NOT spandex,” but that the note is accompanying an illustration of a comic-style leather jacket (basically spandex) and comic-style spandex (basically body paint).

    Spandex has never done that!

    I would love to see more of this sort of materials -choice in lady-heroes’ (and fellas’?) costume designs. I’ve never been down with the body-paint look (especially for younger characters).

    Excellent move, Babs. Excellent move.

    P.S. I love that an artist named Babs is drawing Batgirl. No one else said it, so I’m saying it. : )

  6. This is fantastic. This feels like one of those designs that gets a huge amount of praise on sites like this where we bemoan the fact that they’d never get used officially yet here we are. Awesome news and congrats to the brilliant Babs Tarr.

  7. SUCH a good team, and SUCH a good redesign. Absolutely champing at the bit to check this out. :D

  8. 100% amazing. So incredibly similar to the design Jordan Gibson did for the last contest that didn’t get judged:
    Love everything about it, but does seem a touch low tech compared to everything else Nu52Batman these days. Not a bad thing, just a tad inconsistent.

  9. I love e new look and am interested in the new direction. The tone of the book at the beginning of the relaunch was so…..stereotypical superhero melodrama.

  10. Brilliant, love how it looks “put together” but still seems to all blend in well. Also the purple looks amazing. Keep the purple please!

  11. My one concern: no chin strap to secure the helmet/mask. Whether that headgear’s for physical protection, secret ID security or both, it needs to be secured.

    Otherwise, solid design sense.

  12. “Is the main suit going to be black or purple. I think I prefer the black version on the bottom.”

    I don’t mind it when characters have multiple costumes.
    I know I wouldn’t want to be wearing the same clothing every day, especially if I was doing a lot of strenuous activity, hanging out in alleys and rooftops and mixing it up with the foulest denizens of Gotham City!

  13. Reminds me more than a little of Kris Anka’s runner up submission in the Batgirl contest a few months ago.

    I loved Anka’s… and whether this is inspired by it or if it’s just convergent evolution, this is just as fantastic.

  14. I like it overall, but BOOTLACES? I can see it now…she’s chasing the perp and trips over her own two feet when one of her bootlaces come undone.

  15. Pretty sure Babs can tie her laces right. And did ANYONE complain about this for Damian’s rad kicks? These Doc Martins are selling like mad today. Every female fan I know wants them.

  16. I love how the purple version gives a nod to the costume Batgirl had in the 1966 Batman tv show.

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  18. I just hope they manage the tonal shift from the grim Nu 52 Bat books to this… Fun looking book

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