Avengers 2 First Look: Iron Man, Captain America, and Ultron

Excitebike! Entertainment Weekly has given us our first look at Avengers 2! So, let’s take a look at what we can see here.

Mr. Stark’s back in red-on-gold paint job rather than gold-on-red, looking a bit more Iron Man-y than his admittedly upscale-looking, champagne Iron Man 3 look. And Cap’s rocking a very slick, red, white, and blue upgrade of his Winter Soldier S.H.I.E.L.D. ops gear. Both are looking superheroic as all heck in their proper colors, and I’m happy to see Cap’s look utilizing the excellent details from his WS Super Soldier costume, the magnetic shield harness, the fingerless gloves, the baggy military pants, etc. The red stripes around the star look a bit tacked on, like an afterthought, but not too bad.

Ultron’s design is a bit more complex than I’d expected, but that’s alright. The empty spaces between the outer armor plates help keep his robotic nature more in mind, which is a good call in a series of movies where we’ve seen so many flying armor suits. The drone units in the background have a simple color variation to help the audience spot the difference and glowy lights on robots are always a good call in my book.

Head over to EW for more info! –Dean

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  1. I love how the new Cap gear is a cross between ALL 3 of his costumes. Shoulder pads from the WWII era, the darker color scheme and design from Winter Soldier, and the overall Captain America look from Avengers.

  2. Love the new cap design, and agree the red around the star is meh. Finicky detail with no perceptible aesthetic or functional gain.
    The overall construction for the costumes done by Alexandra Byrne is a little… meh. I much prefer the work done by Judianna Makovsky in CA:TWS and Wendy Partridge for T:TDW. They both managed to translate the designs by Ryan Meinerding and Charlie Wen with a better handle on real world texture and function.
    Byrne’s work looks a little ornamental.

  3. Really happy to hear I’m not the only one a tad annoyed by the superfluous red lines on caps chest. It just moves against the flow of his chest for my taste.
    For Iron Man, maybe it’s just the inundation of iron man 3 materials, but his new suit just looks odd to me, my brain keeps wanting to switch the red and gold. Haha.
    Those, however, are small issues in what looks like awesome costumes.

    Ultron looks eons better than those set pics from earlier this year.

  4. I’m not digging the red details on Cap either, but I feel like it’ll work in the film. Just think of the busy details in The Dark Knight’s armor or the weird pin stripes on The Amazing Spider-Man. They look weird in promo shots, but work fine in the actual movie.

    I wish the Ultron design skewed JUST a little more toward the movie’s look for Iron Man. The “cheeks” look similar, but it looks little like it elsewhere. And the face doesn’t even look much like the comics version either, although I don’t mind that so much.

    And I’m not a fan of the busy details in Iron Man either. Why does there need to be random gold mixed in with the red and vice versa? I think my favorite look so far was the Mark VII from The Avengers, although the Mark III and Mark VI work really well too. It’s not too big a deal altogether though, since like with Cap’s red details, Iron Man will probably work just fine in the movie even with some busy details.

  5. It’s amazing how hugely important Adi Granov has been in the MCU design sensibility. That Ultron may as well be an Adi Granov cover. Man, I’d love it if we saw a Fin Fang Foom that looked like his.

  6. The design of of the red and gold armor was actually by Steve Ditko – if they had stayed with the bulky gold armor I’m not sure if the title would have survived another year, much less the success currently enjoyed. Along with Spider-man costume design this makes Ditko (along with Ralph McQuarrie) the most profitable costume designer in cinema today.

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