New Thor Fan-Art Team-Ups from Evan Bryce and Dean Trippe

The all-new female Thor sure brought out the best of the internet yesterday, AND made me use sarcasm in the first clause of this sentence! BUT! While many reactions to the news were predictably sexist and contrarian–THANKS, NERDDOM!–there were plenty of folks psyched to see another potential female Avenger in the Marvel U. While I had my concerns about the costume, and held out final judgment until we got some more art from interior artist and friend of the site, Russell Dauterman. But I also wanted to take a crack at toning down some of the elements that weirded me out, and when it occured to me that New Thor gave us the final component in a gender-swapped Avengers movie lineup, I decided to draw my imaginary roster. I’ve got a Captain, an Archer, a Spy, a Goddess, a Shellhead, and a Hulk: Captain Marvel, Kate Bishop, the Winter Soldier, Thor, Rescue, and She-Hulk, respectively. (Available on eBay.)


Also, over on Tumblr, the new Batgirl fan-art hasn’t let up for a minute, thanks in part to the creators’ new series-oriented feed, Batgirl of Burnside. So, Rooftop Regular Evan Bryce gave the female heroes everyone’s talking about this week a crossover event! –Dean

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  1. I think the best part about the new Avengers line-up in the comics is that there is so much female representation. Also, I want to see a superhero cartoon made in Dean Trippe’s art style.

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