The Shield by Wilfredo Torres


With the announcement of Archie’s Dark Circle superhero revival line comes this wicked redesign of the very first patriotic superhero (besting Captain America by over a year), The Shield, updated here by P:R Pal Wilfredo Torres. The original Shield first appeared in Pep Comics #1, MLJ, which would later become Archie Comics. Writer Harry Shorten and artist Irv Novick created the character.

As you can see, there’s a familiar shield-like shape to The Shield’s uniform that may have informed the WWII version of the shield wielded by Steve Rogers in Captain America #1. For Shield’s new update, Torres has gone a different route, swapping in an incredibly clean new emblem that screams retro superheroing without recalling any other patriotic hero’s iconography we’ve seen before–no mean feat. I really dig this update. It’s modern and feels tough and functional, while retaining the appropriate amount of old school supersuit I like to see in superhero costume redesigns, especially appropriate for an update of a Golden Age hero like the The Shield.

20140718-093011-34211537.jpg20140718-093011-34211342.jpgAbove are some more Shield sketches from Wilfredo Torres, and below is some lightning fast fan-art radness from Rooftop Regular, Ron Salas! –Dean



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  2. This is top notch stuff, everything: the design and each piece of artwork. I want to read this book, drawn by Wilfredo. Who should write it? :)

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