New Thor and Thor Classic by Russell Dauterman

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As expected, Thor interior artist and P:R Pal Russell Dauterman‘s take on the new Thor look is pretty boss. We don’t often talk about how a character design gets tweaked by each artist drawing it, but little choices add up to big effects, and I certainly dig Russell’s portrayal a bit more than the initial promo image for the design. One detail missing from the promo image are New Thor’s footwear, which look pretty slick, here, a nod to the winged helmet design and adding a tough more of that space alien god culture secret sauce. Dig. Classic Thor’s also looking appropriately unworthified, but still badass as all hel. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Jason Aaron’s story with these guys. –Dean

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  1. Could there be some reason why they look so visually similar? You’ve got Nee Thor and Unworthy Thor both with long black glove on the left arm and that might not be a coincidence.

    Maybe this isn’t a new character but instead Thor gets split into two and all his worthiness is in that female form and all his unworthiness in that male form. It could explain why they’ve been adamant about her being THOR and called that and not anything else.

  2. That long glove feels very Dave Cockrum, and unworthy Thor is remeniscent of Aquaman some years ago – not that you’d ever confuse the two…

  3. I had the same idea about Thor being magically split into two people with the worthiness of Thor being entirely in the female part, but I decided that it wasn’t likely. The implication there would be that women are inherently more “worthy” than a man, which is probably the opposite of what a mystical Norse hammer would “think”. But more than this, that way of thinking is also probably the opposite of most writers, artists, and readers as well.

    As if that wasn’t enough it brings up questions of gender identity that Marvel probably would not want to tackle. If the Thor that’s worthy is female, would that mean that female Thor is better than Thor’s male part? That his female part is stronger? Would this all make Thor actually be transgender? Some other sort of unrecognizeable “third gender”? What happens to Thor’s gender identity if/when he is able to cease being two persons and go back to being just the one single Thor again?

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