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  1. Aside from the entire costume being all brown, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with it. It looks decent enough in form, but color wise, its just another bland dark Hollywood gritty superhero costume.

    This is exploding all over the place currently and I’ve read some interesting ideas about the color scheme. The one that made the most sense was that she hadn’t found her way to America yet and taken on the colors of her adopted nation, so shes just running the standard Amazonian warrior armor color at this point in the game.

    I sincerely hope this is the case and that a color change ends up happening because this just looks bland beyond belief for a character who is so strong and vibrant a light for good.

  2. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a shameless Golden Age fanboy– but I’m always a bit disappointed when I see WW designs that ignore the Stars & Stripes Forever look– regardless of how little sense that makes with all her ret-conned origin stories.

  3. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with her tiara. I actually like the mini-skirt/loin cloth; It’s a decent compromise between the swimsuit look and longer skirt. I hate the lack of color in the promo images for this movie. I’m hoping that’s just a result of the bleak surroundings rather than the finished color scheme. I’m not seeing any red or blue here, but it could be that her outfit is strictly a product of her Amazon roots at this point and she hasn’t adopted the American flag colors yet. I wish she didn’t have high heels, but unfortunately it’s expected. I’d really like a closer look at her silver bracelets (gauntlets?) and that tiara. Overall, she looks alright and it’s too early to judge any further out of context with the movie. Honestly the sparks in this picture bug me more than anything related to her outfit. Sooo many character posters and images include sparks nowadays. It’s really cliche and unimaginative.

  4. It’s almost perfect. It’s a near-exact meld of the Chiang bodice, Byrne gauntlets, Dodson WW-belt, Xena-like skirt, armored shins/boots…

    I really wish they’d forgo the eagle motif on the chest emblem… and fire whoever thought heels were a good idea.

  5. I for one, love it, I just would prefer colours and no heels, but I guess they could make them work in a similar style to Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. It fits the film’s dark tone and yes, I am extremely hyped for the movie.

  6. Heels, wedges…the result is the same in terms of practicality. It’s the one “off” note for me.

  7. Hey! Zoom in on that tiara! It’s a 8-pointed Star Sapphire.

    I’m going to assume they are NOT referencing GL here, but made a design decision to be symmetrical and to leave stereotypical flag tropes in the recycling bin.

    IF they are going for a more Greek armor Xena thing here, is there anyone with knowledge of Ancient Hellenic representations of 8-pointed stars?

  8. Overall, I think I like it? It looks much better in that no-filter copy with the colors more vibrant, I really, really hate the heels though. It would be a 8/10 without them, now its a 6. They just aren’t practical and in this era of female heroes finally getting their due I was kinda’ hoping they would have taken the practical route.

  9. There you go. Chest armor designed to guide any edge-weapon straight to her heart. Heals. Lot’s of skin. She looks tiny and gentle. No muscle. This is no warrior. I don’t care what the “original” Wonder Woman looked like. It’s not about showing off anymore. It’s about a superhero fighting dangerous foes. This is not practical for it. At all. Fuck you Warner Bros.

  10. There’s definitely more muscle mass on her than I expected. At casting time, the photos I saw of her showed a much thinner woman. So, maybe she’s not the thick, muscle-bound woman envisioned but I’d say, in costume, she looks overall better than I expected.

  11. Not crazy about that tiara but overall not bad. She’s a little ‘Kardashian on Halloween’ but it’s an early still and I’m rooting for Gal to pull it off on-screen.

    Faora had wedges and was still the most formidable character in Man Of Steel.

    Hopefully the costume develops into something a little more sophisticated throughout the movie, a touch more armour up top maybe?

  12. Side note – The shape of the tiara looks in line with the Superman shield which lends credence to the theory that the amazons are an off-shoot of the earlier Kryptonian explorers.

    Maybe the star represents a Kryptonian spaceship landing on Themyscrira?

  13. Where is everyone getting the idea that WW is a She-Hulk? I always thought of her as having the body of a pro-athlete, who happens to have incredible magical strength.

    Diana is not Gloriana. Or Barda, or Jennifer Walters. Or Buffy, or Natasha.

    She looks great.

  14. Like Dean said, Wonder Woman doesn’t really need armor. She’s essentially a demigod with magical weapons. Anything that hits her hard enough to injure her (we’re talking gods and monsters) is going to hit hard enough to make a mockery of any armor.

    Overall, I think the suit is great and is a nice compromise that actually keeps pretty close to the comic version. The unfiltered coloring is great. She has wedges on her boots, but that’s largely for filming purposes to give her a bit of height (Wonder Woman’s… what, 6’0″ and Gadot is 5’9″?) Faora’s actress is short and had wedges as well, which was unnoticeable in the film.

    The thing that actually gets to me is that I wished she were holding a bit more “Greek” style sword.

  15. “The shape of the tiara looks in line with the Superman shield which lends credence to the theory that the amazons are an off-shoot of the earlier Kryptonian explorers.”

    That theory came from Jett over at Batman-On-Film, and he even admitted (after it hit the Web and sites went with it like he had an inside scoop) that it was just conjecture on his part. There’s not really anything to that rumor.

  16. @ALEX: Except for all the credible circumstantial evidence. The Amazons appear human, but have unnaturally long lives with some being super strong and can fly. They have been able to reproduce unisexually for a few thousand years (like with perhaps… a “kodex”)
    Also they have this credible extraterrestrial set up that explains superheroes just happening to already be on earth, why not use it?

  17. “this just looks bland beyond belief for a character who is so strong and vibrant a light for good.”

    Well, there you go: there are no vibrant lights for good in the cold and petulant DC movie universe.

  18. @Daniel

    Why can’t the Greek Gods be behind all that reasoning? Personally, I feel making WW’s origin based off Kryptonian stuff cheapens her own origin. It’d hate for her to be called “Wonder Woman” but for her actually to be a “Super Woman”. Also, letting the Greek Gods in on the cinematic universe gives a similar appeal as Thor did with the mythology, even if it was altered a little bit to be a less literal.

  19. So the explanation for Wonder Woman would be to make her a weak shadow of Superman? That would a a major step backwards fr the character, far worse than depowering her and making her a super spy.

  20. Heck, for all we know, this version of her might be far more powerful than superman at this point in the story. Maybe she even trains him.

  21. The costume is fine, with the exception of the heels (or wedges, or whatever). Action women + heels = stupid. Heels are decoration. Their only function (sic) is added overall height and curvier calves. Wearing boots like that and even WW’d be on her ass three seconds into a fight. Or run. Or if she stepped on a medium-sized pebble.

    Her form is better than I expected, but I still prefer Darwyn Cooke’s clearly-capable-of-kicking-ass WW. He even gives her appropriate footwear depending on the occasion.

  22. I agree that having her origin rooted in Krypton would be a misstep and I’m glad that the rumour was just blown out conjecture!

    Sadly I CAN see it making sense to the film makers in terms of wrapping everything up in a neat little bow plot wise but then, as pointed out, Diana would be a glorified Super Woman.

    Plus we’d lose out on an opportunity to introduce Magic (or the God-Science the MCU opts for) to the DC cinematic universe.

  23. Another side note: Given the comparisons to Thor, I can see the potential for Circe operating as a villain in the solo WW movie and totally stealing the show a la Loki.

    And if they don’t cast Eva Green I’ll eat my hat.

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