15 comments to “Jamal Campbell’s Emma Frost”
  1. I’m with Dean re: the belt, or at least *that* belt…
    And I’m not crazy about the dark gloves and shorts. But, overall this is a great design. There’s an inherent problem with the Hellfire Club members (whose sexuality is actually part of the characters) in the midst of the sexy vs. sexist costume debate. But this hits the exact right note by being sexy but not ridiculous

  2. This really works in my opinion. Interesting how the X-Men can get away with ensembles that are less costumey than their peers. Probably has a lot to do with the Quitely designs in response to the first Singer movie.

  3. Emma looks good in Gold and white. I don’t care for the booty shorts though; maybe just plain black pants/tights?

  4. I kind of like it with the belt personally. It’s a great look, but for some reason, it feels a smidge more Dazzler to me than it does Emma.

  5. He does have an entire X-team centered around this design, and they’re all just as amazing his Emma.

  6. Haaaaate the white lipstick, but the rest of the look is fantastic!

    Emma Frost’s costumes in First Class were super disappointing (anachronistic, and kind of boring), but this is a terrific modern update to an iconic villain.

  7. I don’t mind the belt, but something about the skirt bothers me. It looks as if it would be problematic to move quickly in it. That said, I do like the white/gold color scheme.

  8. I’m not really feeling the shorts and skirt combo. It looks like she’s put the skirt on wrong. I mean, the execution is lovely, but it just looks like someone who’s taken a look at an irregular skirt and gone, “Is this how it’s supposed to go?”

  9. It’s funny, the first thought that came to mind when I looked at this (before reading Dean’s caption) was “I like her belt.” I think it’s because there’s no superfluous ‘X’ emblem included. A lot of artists tend to over do it with the team symbol when redesigning X-Men. I like her shoes too, because Emma Frost is one of the rare women of comics who still looks appropriate in heels and wedges. Jamal’s Young Cyclops design in the group image on his DeviantArt page is also pretty great.

  10. I like the shorts and the cut of the dress, it’s actually my favorite aspect of this design. Emma is supposed to be sexy, but the shorts have an athletic vibe that’s not always associated with her.

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