Avengers by Thomas Perkins

10719253_10204994556054528_132649838_nThis delightful take on the Avengers comes to us from artist Thomas Perkins. It’s astounding the blend of familiarity and aspects that seem to come from left field (i.e. a tattooed Hulk, and Thor not only being female, which currently isn’t exactly new nowadays, but here she’s also quite sizable), as well as the team Tom’s has pieced together (Hulk, Goliath, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Captain Marvel). Patrick 


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  1. Interesting…offhand, it looks like his Captain Marvel is Rogue, what with the white stripes in her brown hair and the green and white color scheme. If I had to make a guess, I’d say the idea with her is possibly that Carol’s personality has either taken over completely, or the Nega Bands she’s wearing allow the two women to switch identities at will. I would like to know the backstories of this team, definitely.

  2. There are some pretty cool ideas here; I especially like (Black) Goliath and Rogue Marvel. I don’t really get why Thor is so big, though.

  3. Here are a few answers to questions asked.

    1. Why is Thor So large?

    I decided in my rendition to make Asgardians larger that human scale since in earlier iterations of the comics, they were supposed to be Gods. I figured “why not make Gods larger and more grand than the Humans they lord it over?”

    2. Who is that really big fellow?

    That is Bill Foster in the role of Giant Man… with liberal homages to his history as Goliath. In that world, I had some ideas as to what might have happened to Hank Pym, leaving the mantle of Giant Man unoccupied….

  4. Love the concept of Hulk getting mad and getting all that ink done! I would love to see your take on Black Panther, the Vision, and Spider-Woman

  5. Happy to see P:R is back after a two month hiatus!

    Thomas’ Avengers line-up looks great. I love mishmashed teams like this. There are a lot of heavy hitters here, and it would be awesome to see them in action. I’m especially digging Iron Man. I have to go with Colin and suggest Squirrel Girl.

  6. Has it really only been two months? I was getting worried!

    My suggestions for Avengers might be different, just because I have a love of the less loved characters: Black Knight, Wonder Man, Quasar

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