Sinister Six by Stefan Tosheff

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This Sinister Six (Green Goblin, The Lizard, Doctor Octopus, The Rhino, Kraven the Hunter and Kaine) comes from illustrator Stefan Tosheff, and, boy, do I love it! From the business-casual Green Goblin to the sloppy Doctor Octopus, these redesigns really showcase a great deal of conceptual integrity. I could see character designs like this in a fun, modernized re-imagination of the Spider-man universe, with a feel similar to Stewart, Fletcher & Tarr’s Batgirl. –Patrick

8 comments to “Sinister Six by Stefan Tosheff”
  1. Aw, man. These are all great. I want a Business Goblin ongoing RIGHT NOW. And if Kraven ends up on screen, I’ll bet dollars to donuts this is what he looks like.

  2. I almost certainly don’t want to know what a “Kaine” is.

    Half of these are pretty cool. Green Goblin in a suit is pretty silly and I don’t get the Rhino at all. The other three are really strong, though; they’re so well done that you can imagine their interactions without any dialogue having been written.

  3. Kraven is definitely the highlight of the bunch for me. He’s giving Wolverine a run for his money with that facial hair.

  4. i’m always excited to see redesigns, especially when the title reads, “Sinister Six”. but alas shattered when Mysterio is not there. :( some great looks though.

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