Wolverines by Stefan Tosheff

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In the aftermath of Marvel’s Death of Wolverine event, Stefan Tosheff brings us these potential keepers of the claw. The candidates are as follows: X-23, Jubilee and Kitty Pryde! These incredible redesigns pull from the rich history of Wolverine costumes, using the features best fit the personality for each strong, independent X-Women.  –Patrick 

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  1. Nice! I actually like the Death of Wolverine. It’s showing just how far reaching his influence is. From Spider-Man becoming a Guidance Counselor at the Jean grey School, to Daken, Mystique, and Sabretooth teaming up. I still would’ve liked something along the lines of the Fallen Son series for Cap, focusing on Spidey, Cap, Kitty and Jubilee, Elektra and maybe Sabretooth.

  2. The second one would be a fantastic design for Psylocke-Wolverine, its seems a bit too dark for Jubilee. But the designs are really very impressive.

  3. Jubilee’s look is my fave of these. I really wished they’d let her take the title and gave her this look. It’s super practical for her power set and weaknesses. I love it.

  4. @phil i thought it was Psylocke too at first but after reading the description below it makes sense to be Jubilee since she has been turned into a Vampire(i shit you not)

  5. These are great. The Kitty one is my favorite, I especially love how it incorporates her X-Men-independent costume from the Ultimate universe. Very cool stuff.

  6. the yellow part of kitty’s torso either needs to be lower or higher… a peep below the belt is just awkward…

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