The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Erica Henderson


This week, Marvel launches The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl written by web-and-print comics champion Ryan North, Rooftop Regular(TM) Erica Henderson, and hotshot colorist Rico Renzi, with additional art from P:R Pal Maris Wicks! With the book comes a fantastic redesigned costume for our buck-toothed hero, and Erica gave us the inside info on its secret origin:

“Let’s start at the VERY beginning. I got an e-mail from Marvel editor Wil Moss this summer asking if I’d be interested in working on a Squirrel Girl book. There was no guarantee that this book would happen, but if I wanted in, I’d have to draw a picture of Squirrel Girl which was used as pitch material (I think). The first thing I asked was if I could redesign the costume–this was 90% based on the fact that I really hated her eye makeup, and Wil said yes. So, I sketched three pages of Squirrel Girls and did one more polished piece since that’s actually what they asked for.

squirrelgirl“These designs are all over the place because I really had no idea what the book was going to be. All I knew was “Squirrel Girl” at that point. I didn’t even know who might be writing it. I was mostly looking at the Ditko version at that time and in her first appearance she is incredibly strange and manic and goony and naive but also incredibly competent. It seemed pretty important that all of that be in there regardless of what the final product would be.

squirrelgirl1(1)“When I found out that the book would be happening, one of the first things they told me was that they wanted to use the body from the finished piece and that we were definitely using the acorn earrings.squirrelgirl2(1)

“They later decided on the jacket outfit, but with the big shoes, which originally were just Uggs. I was in love with the idea that she just wanted some really comfortable shoes no matter what they looked like.

“That, my friends is the origin the new Squirrel Girl design. But wait! Ryan and I have agreed that we want to do several costume changes, so this is not the end!”


So head down to your LCS today for USQ, and be sure to check the bottoms of the pages for all the extra jokes they jammed in, free of charge! – Dean

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  1. I see everything about this and just love how manic it all is. I want to see her in one of those goofy running poses. If you don’t love Squirrel Girl for what she is, a silver age character in the modern era of comics, you have no joy in your life

  2. I really like the hooded orange and red costume, but all of these are great. Cheesy heroes are my favorite thing, so I’m definitely picking up USG.

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