First Look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman

This came via another costume-related publicity tweet from director Zack Snyder. I’m gonna need to think about this one. I like a lot of the elements, at first glance. It just doesn’t feel distinctively Aquaman. But Star-Lord’s redesign was fairly radical, too. Guess we’ll see. I hate not knowing if this (lack of) color scheme is even accurate, given Snyder’s previous publicity twitpics. – Dean

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  1. Star-Lord’s redesign was radical, but still had enough sci-fi elements to convince me.

    Momoa’s costuming could belong to any generic sci-fi or swords and sandals character.

    I don’t need orange scale armor to sell me on the design. But combined with the darker tones of Batman, Wonder Woman and the Superman costumer redesign, it’s going to look like a big wall of “bleh” when you stand these characters next to each other.

  2. Just please, someone color something! Comics are colorful for the most part. This look is too interesting to be desaturated this badly

  3. He looks like Drogo 2.0. I like the idea of the scale tattoos but not sure it works here. Neck up he looks like Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit movies.

  4. It reminds me of the 90’s version of Arthur with his shoulder pauldron and a huge Polynesian influence because of Momoa’s background. I like it, but it won’t make me run out to see this movie just yet.

  5. I concur. It’s Jason Mamoa with a trident. I’m not surprised, this is exactly what I thought we’d get, but a part of me was definitely hoping for something more . . . Outrageous?

  6. Here’s a more saturated picture:–iNDkJ1G8–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/1131226320446391077.png

    Overall I like it, but then again I am not an aquaman fan so my opinion probably counts less. I love the scale tattoos, although I don’t like that the armor has the same pattern. It looks alright, but it makes me think that they couldn’t make up their minds about whether the scales should go on the armor or on his skin.

  7. A ripped Hawaiian native in black and gold armor? This reads more like Black Adam than Aquaman, minus the trident and surfer hair.

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  9. I think this comment from Linkara sums up what I feel about this look.

    Zack Znyder’s heavy abuse of Photoshop aside, the reveal pretty much tells us which direction this movie is headed tone wise. Instead of the colorful Aquaman from the comics or perhaps the bombastic version from Batman: The Brave and The Bold, we’re being treated to the 90s version minus the hook hand and with Samoan tattoos. Also, would it have killed Jason Momoa to dye his hair and beard blonde to be as close to the comic or is keeping his hair and beard color the same in his contract?

    I want to get hyped about this movie, but every bit of detail revealed just makes me feel that we’re in for a Man of Steel-style pooch screw come 2016.

  10. Wouldn’t have hurt to have a little green and orange in there. I mean, it’s a pretty sweet look…but I’m not liking the lack of green and orange.

  11. I like this a lot. Aquaman looks like a warrior king. I am curious though. Why was no mention at all about the Black Panther preview art that was revealed months ago?

  12. Definitely feels like the old Barbarian Aquaman design, but that look feels incomplete without the hook and comes accross as Hairy Namor.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks that immediately putting the Pacific Islander is tattoos is kinda racist.

    Also, a lot of people referencing a certain decade because the movies are less saturated (which I’m pretty sure never even happened in the ’90’s) and somewhat introspective. Hell, the main offense seems to be that the superhero genre, which was founded as pure action, is being adapted into action movies in a way that adapts to the higher detail of film.

  14. Choosing a beast like Momoa to play Aquaman is the right way to go. Most people outside of the comic book community are only familiar with the character as a joke or punchline. He deserves to be shown in a respectable light, and I think this casting is the best way to make that happen. Although comic book purists may scoff at this costume design, it feels very appropriate for the universe Zack Snyder is building. At the very least I will enjoy it as a live action Elseworlds story.

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