Nightwing by Ramon Villalobos (ft. Yeezy Boost)


This redesign of Nightwing from Ramon Villalobos makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Not only is the new suit practical and gritty, but it’s also incredibly fashionable. It feature the newest sneaker design from, our lord and savior, Kanye West and Adidas. The Yeezy Boost, however, run about 350$, so I figure having a billionaire playboy for a adopted father doesn’t hurt. –Patrick 

5 comments to “Nightwing by Ramon Villalobos (ft. Yeezy Boost)”
  1. Such a cool design! It’s the perfect mesh between an urban, more grounded, look and Nightwing’s most iconic costume! My only problem is that I don’t really see Nightwing wearing something like that. I mean, why would Dick Grayson wear that? He doesn’t really strike me as the type of character that would really need to work on a budget what with Bruce Wayne paying most of the checks

    I really like this design. If there was any better way to get that point across, I’d use it. But it just feels really off for the character

  2. His hair is just as much of a giveaway of his secret identity as Oliver Queen’s beard, but otherwise awesome.

  3. Love how freed up the arms look, I’m concerned with a lack of apparent utility garment. Orginally, Dick had em on his arms, but now…I feel where Ramon put the meshing on the pants would have been great for a few pouches.

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