#DCBend by Ming Doyle

Day 6brucewayne dick joker lex

(Sigourney Weaver as Bruce Wayne, Winona Ryder as Dick Grayson, Geena Davis as The Joker and Gillian Anderson as Lex Luthor)

Today marks the first day of our week long #DCBend feature! Each day here at Rooftop we’ll be highlighting the work of a single artist’s work for the #DCBend project. #DCBend was started by Ming Doyle, using rule 63 (“For any given male character, there is a female version of that character.”) the project not only re-imagines the hero with a gender swap, but also fan-casts said hero as a Hollywood actor.

First up to bat is the originator herself, Ming Doyle. Ming’s first design, Sigourney Weaver as Bruce Wayne, really set a precedent for how fun this project would end up being creatively. Her dark, sketchy tone works well with his mostly Bat-verse compositions, and separates her work in a recognizable way. In the end her designs turned out captivating, exciting and all around coherent. I personally thank her for great work that’s come from the project, and can’t wait to highlight more work tomorrow! –Patrick

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  1. Psst: I haven’t asked her about this specifically, in this age of people telling one which pronoun is preferred in the use of address, but I’m pretty sure the male pronouns in the last paragraph are incorrect.

  2. I second JONAH.
    I’m ecstatic that you guys are doing another themed week again. It’s been too long. Ming’s casting is pitch perfect too. Sigourney was meant to be Batman. All of these women were born to play these parts.

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