#DCBend by Jordan Gibson

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(Helen Mirren as Commissioner Gordon, Charlize Theron as Aquaman, Janelle Monae as Music Meister, Stephanie Beatriz as Jason Todd, Nicki Minaj as The Creeper)

Day four of our expose on #DCBend brings us to the incredible work of Jordan Gibson. Jordan offers us what are some of my personal favorite redesigns of the project. His less-is-more style of drawing mixed with his impeccable coloring comes together impressively.

Gibson’s use of celebrities range from iconic to clever, and new. The more iconic stars being Dame Helen Mirren (Red, The Queen) as Jim Gordon, and Charlize Theron (Monster, Young Adult) looking stunning as Aquaman. Gibson taps into the music world for some of the more surprising choices like rap goddess Nicki Minaj (“Super Bass”), playing the role she was born to play, The Creeper and the immensely talented singer Janelle Monae (“Electric Lady”) as the Music Meister, a villian who originated from the regretfully short lived Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series. Those who don’t recognize Stephanie Beatriz’s name won’t realize just how perfect the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress is for the role of Jason Todd.

There is a true beauty in the divinity of the casting here, and it sparks a real creative reaction upon viewing. Well, folks, this marks the last day of #DCBend, but don’t fret, there are a number of talented artists who we didn’t get a chance to feature yet! More to come… soon. –Patrick

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  1. Minaj as the Creeper is great because it’s a damn fine reference to her Lonely Island appearance on the song ‘The Creep,’ which is one of my favorite Lonely Island joints.

  2. Those earrings on Charlize are so great. She looks pretty amazing here, but she always looks good…except in Monster. Nicki Minaj is definitely The Creeper through and through, and it’s nice to see some love for Music Meister.

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