First Look At Melissa Benoist As Supergirl


A few days ago we had our first glance at CBS’s new Supergirl series set to premier Fall 2015. The show stars relatively unknown actress Melissa Benoist, who might be recognized from “Glee” or the Oscar darling Whiplash, as Kara Zor-El. The costume was designed by Colleen Atwood, whose work of a similar nature can be enjoyed on “Arrow” and “The Flash”The three shows are in fact set to fall inside the same continuity, striking easy to guess crossover rumors.

The Warner Bros. Television produced show will present the character as a twenty-four year old Kryptonian, taken in by the Daver family when she was twelve.  It’s understood that her once hidden powers will reveal themselves in an unseen disaster sending her on her hero’s journey.

The costume seems to me quickly revealed, but has chartered some interest as well. A little more evidence is needed! –Patrick 

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  1. Was hoping for a little dissection! The costume looks fine I think, but as awesome as I think Benoist is (based solely off of WHIPLASH) she doesn’t seem particularly Supergirlish at all. More like Shadowcat cosplaying as Supergirl…

  2. I’m a bit torn. It looks great, I’m glad they avoided a bare midriff and it looks like its straight from Man of Steel, but at the same time, it looks a bit too safe. Arrow and Flash’s costumes seem a bit more unique based on the original characters costumes.

  3. I wish there were more yellow in the shield, but I love that suit, especially with those red leggings under the skirt

  4. I can’t tell if those are heeled boots or not, but I’m guessing they probably are. Mainly I’m wondering how the tops will look when she bends at the knees. Judging from this photo alone, which isn’t much to go by, the boots seem impractical, but not unforgivably impractical. I’m glad they didn’t add an ‘S’ insignia to her belt, and the red stitching on her top is an interesting choice. This costume feels appropriately modest and heroic, and Melissa Benoist has a very natural beauty and approachable (for the role) look to her, which is great. I definitely prefer this over anything I saw of Kara on Smallville.

  5. It doesn’t look bad. The boots are kinda strange and… is she wearing pantyhose? I can’t really tell.

  6. The costume is fine from a television standpoint, though the boots do seem pretty iffy. It just strikes me as a weird choice, like trying to invoke the idea of pants without actually going to the trouble of giving her any and upsetting the fans who want her to comport to her comic counterpart. That being said, I’m certain this show will tank for one of the reasons the Supergirl movie tanked. It’s hard to sell a Superman or Batman “family” character with little or no reference to the core family member. A bit like doing a Robin show that never mentions Batman.

  7. It doesn’t look bad but its nothing to write home about. The boots as the last person say do seem too look impractical. Despite the fact that every red colored superhero on t.v is getting the dark maroon treatment its almost needed. Besides that it does look to moderate and mediocre to be exciting.

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