Trinity by Stephen Byrne

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With DC’s newly announced redesigns for the iconic Trinity, Stephen Byrne brings us his awesome take! Here the heroes are sleek and casual, almost block buster-ey in a way. He provides some wonderful sequentials to flesh out his redesigns, and they have a great effect. I can imagine a reality where these designs would fit in an “Ultimate” type universe. –Patrick

13 comments to “Trinity by Stephen Byrne”
  1. Superman and WW look fantastic, but Batman looks like George Michael in the video for “Faith”.

  2. Very stylish and cool. It works when they’re all wearing street clothes. WW looks epecially great here.

  3. Apparently my wife’s been dressing me as Batman (sans utility belt) all this time and I never realized it.

  4. Batman looks like George Michael or Bono on a bad day, Superman looks like he belongs in a production of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ as Stanley Kowalski, and Wonder Woman looks to be every hipster chick that looked down her elitist nose at some one in a Starbucks ever. If the point is to make iconic, larger than life heroes look like the average D-Bags I see on the street then it’s a huge success. Nothing here makes me want to follow any of them into battle when the likes of Darkseid invades the Earth.

  5. Batman is a total miss to me. I expect him to break into a George Micheal song any second. Deemphasizing the comicbook-ness of these characters is always lost on me and gives them all too much of a smallville vibe.

  6. Very nice artwork, and I like Wonder Woman *very* much. However, last time I checked, Bruce Wayne had a secret identity and I reckon he still does. A similar gear but with a longer coat, some short gloves and a black balaclava with a bat’s face drawn into it would work better IMHO without breaking the shared designing flair.

  7. When I think “regular clothes Superman”, I think something closer to the Tenth Doctor; the Clark Kent suit and a long coat in the Superman colors; maybe a coy little smile on his face like the old Silver Age wink, not a dude in a Superman T-shirt

  8. The art is beautiful but the concept of Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple will never stop being totally repulsive to me. It always winds up as gorgeous art superficially but that couple makes me physically cringe. It’s like the anti-turn on. LOL

  9. Superman is freaking amazing. Where is the book starring him, I’d buy it yesterday.

    Wonder Woman works well too, although something seems a little off. I almost want to say that I’m reading it as a version of Wonder Girl for some reason.

    Batman is totally off the mark. I could never see Bruce doing that. If you wanna go street clothes for Bruce’s Batman, I think the way to go is a motorcycle helmet. Trying to replace the cowl with sunglasses doesn’t work well for that character. Even just a straight up cowl/hood/mask would work better than sunglasses. I know they were trying to make it look really street, but Batman doesn’t translate like that well.

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