Teenage Wonder Woman by Jisoo Kim

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So you guys know about that teenage Wonder Woman series you never knew you were missing? Odds are it might have crossed your mind before, but these gorgeous redesigns by Jisoo Kim make me want it all the more! From the high waisted red star shorts, lengthy dark hair held together by a clip version of the classic tiara and the black top and boots (black is the new black btw) the costume just doesn’t quit. –Patrick 

5 comments to “Teenage Wonder Woman by Jisoo Kim”
  1. While these fall into Lolita territory a little with her fuller figure and childish face, I really like the design and the idea behind it.

  2. Exactly in the current climate I feel like this is a trap. I can’t really comment on this either way.

  3. The stars down her spine in the third image is an interesting touch. The shorts are very fitting for a teen. I have to say her hair with the tiara clip is probably the best part about these for me.

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