First Look at TV’s Kid Flash

I’m digging these first shots of actor Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash for the CW’s The Flash series. Doesn’t really look like running gear, but I suppose the speed force let’s you move in leather. The look here is bright and feels traditional, and fits in well with the other speedster looks that have appeared already in the series. –Dean

3 comments to “First Look at TV’s Kid Flash”
  1. Phenomenal! I wasn’t to thrilled with his in series characterization, and I think he’s a bit to old to go by the ‘Kid-Flash’ moniker (maybe he’ll be Impulse?) but I am stunned! I never imagined how perfectly they’d nail the suit! Even to those who don’t like it, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of that silver New52 suit!

  2. Project Rooftop lives!
    Not a big fan of all the leather they love at the CW, but digging how the costume looks overall

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