Cory Walker’s Latest Supergirl!


Hey, Rooftop Readers! I thought you’d like a look at the latest Supergirl redesign from our old pal Cory Walker. Longtime lurkers on this here original rooftop of redesigns will recall Walker’s incredible collection of Supergirl variants over the years.

This latest one strikes a distinctly formal chord. Despite it’s simplicity, this Maid of Might has an elegant appeal, sort of like a regal version of a military uniform, and the color scheme and short crop seem to allude to Kara’s alternate universe counterpart, Power Girl. I love the simple gold emblem and cape attachments. Another great take on an infinitely redesignable character from Mr. Walker. –Dean

3 comments to “Cory Walker’s Latest Supergirl!”
  1. Supergirl always looks great in white/off-white, and this is no exception. The pants are great here too. And the hair. It’s all great. Great job, Cory!

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