Jemma Salume’s Robins Revisited

Eleven years ago, Rooftop Rockstar Jemma “Oxboxer” Salume rocked this joint with The Robin Collection, her take on the pantheon of boys and girls wonder. It was a great group of redesigns, and showed off Jemma’s talent for applying her unified style across a kaleidoscope of characters with different personalities and interests. Salume recently returned to Gotham and broke off revised redesigns for the whole dang flock. With these Robins Revisited, Jemma has applied the same attention to detail and conceptual clarity she always has, with every redesign. Below are a selection of Robins and Batgirls from the “Gotham Aviary,” Jemma’s full collection of Batman’s closest allies, now available on GumRoad. -Dean Trippe

Dick as Nightwing 

Dick as Robin

Jason as Red Hood

Jason as Robin

Stephanie as Robin

Stephanie as Spoiler

Cass as Batgirl

Tim as Robin

Tim as Emo Robin

Click here to over to Jemma Salume’s GumRoad page to purchase the full collection, complete with the old and new designs, with more Robins, Batgirls, and Batwomen, her thoughts on each the redesigns, and a breakdown of her drawing process! –Dean

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  1. I remember when The Robin Collection was originally posted, and now I can’t believe this is the same artist’s work, because Jemma’s current art style is just so uniquely hers. I don’t have a favorite here, it’s all perfection.

  2. I love to see you´re back!

    Jemma Salume always was one of my favorites rooftop regulars, I´m glad to see he still offers her redesigns.

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