Francesco Francavilla’s Starfleet Bat-Crew

Putting the TNG peanut butter in the Gotham City chocolate, fan favorite superstar artist Francesco Francavilla just amalgamized this trio of old chums with the crew of the NCC-1701-D to celebrate both #StarTrekDay and #BatmanDay.

It’s so perfect a blend, I fully expect to see cosplayers rocking these uniforms within a month. Great, great idea, FF. It’s something I never knew I needed, and now can’t ever forget it. –Dean

3 comments to “Francesco Francavilla’s Starfleet Bat-Crew”
  1. This is a hoot, though the captain’s gold on Bats and a medic’s blue on Alfie seem like missed opportunities. I mean, what does the brown-taupe even correspond to, anyway, other than… desert costume?

  2. Dang, didn’t even realize that was Gordon and not Alfred. I guess the space-jammies got me thinking this was just the boys in the house. (Which is dumb, since even assuming that a red-shirted Robin must be Jason… Alfred almost always has a darker, thinner mustache and balding hair.)

    My bad! I definitely get those ambiguous color things wrong.

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