Deadman by George Kambadais

P:R Pal George Kambadais has been drawing his own version of Deadman for a while. It’s a really fresh vibe for a decomposed hero, a kind of Madman meets Ghost Rider meets The Ray, but dang if it don’t feel original. I dig it. Scroll down for more pics of George’s Deadman, along with some of his thoughts on why he’s fallen hard for the buoyant Boston Brand. Dean Trippe

From George Kambadais:

I just love Deadman. He is my favourite character from DC! I have so many ideas for stories with this guy! So, at some point i started playing with his suit. I wanted to make a new version of it. Overall the suit is a modern take on his old one adding little wings on his thighs and replacing his collar with a hoodie. His makeup is based on Cliff Chiang‘s Deadman from DC’s Deadman and the flying Graysons covers. I’m a huge fan of Cliff’s work.

At first his whole body was covered in flames, but i changed it, later only his head has flames around him and at the end this became a cloud around his head. This is a way i’m thinking of expressing his emotions visually.

Head over to George’s website to check out more of his awesome artwork! –Dean

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  1. It’s hard not to fall for a redesign when someone is obviously passionate about the character. Personally, I’ve never read, nor felt compelled to read any of Deadman’s stories, but if he looked like this, I might just give him a chance

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