Luciano Vecchio’s Jade & Obsidian!

Artist Luciano Vecchio has been redesigning LGBTQ+ characters recently, and I really dig what he’s done here with Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott’s superhero twin kids, Jade and Obsidian. These looks hold solid references to their past costumes, but also pair super well, as though they were headlining a duo title. Dig it. Here’s what Luciano had to say about his redesign:

For Obsidian I went with a glam punk approach, I started with using his hair and sideburns to mimic the original cowl shape with a color shift effect. I changed the cape for a flowing boa made of shadows that always shapeshifts and can look menacing or fabulous, and the rest of the outfit is adapting the original costume to something more current and functional.
Same with Jade, the shapes in her costume are almost the same as the original but with materiality and avoiding the bodypaint look. I gave her a haircut and a “mask” to play with the idea of dual identities for them.
Also I think logos and icons are important for iconic superheroes, so I gave Obsidian one based on Jade’s.
I love ’em. For more of Luciano Vecchio‘s work, especially his queer character redesigns, you can check out his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Aaaand here’s a bonus redesign, his take on Ystin, the Shining Knight! Dean