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A new option to facilitate your communication


VoIP might be the best choice for you if you like having continuous conversations with friends while traveling. VoIP software is available for downloading from various sites and is installed with minimal effort from your side. With a quality VoIP phone and software you can make free calls from any place with great quality of calls. Let’s discuss some of the main benefits of an internet-based telephone system that supports VoIP calling.

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Free Video Calls. The most significant benefit of VoIP is its free video calling feature that’s now available with Skype. To host a video conference you need to click an icon on the Skype desktop or your cell phone. Video calling is easy provided you’ve got an Internet connection. Apart from Skype, Google Talk, AIM, discord bots and Yahoo Messenger are also free instant video calling apps which can assist you in making quality video calls.

SMS Messaging. You might have been aware of the latest method of messaging with people in another country using SMS. This revolutionary app is gaining huge popularity across the globe. It allows you to communicate and receive messages in a matter of minutes from any location by using an ordinary mobile phone with SMS capabilities. This is the best method to stay in touch with family and friends living in different countries. It lets you send messages and receive them from any location.

The Holda Party App also referred to as HONJI or the Houseparty App, is another great method for friends to stay in contact. This innovative app for house parties offers many features and options. For instance, you can invite friends to join your network by sending a an email. You can also add a link to your Facebook profile and to your website, so that they can subscribe to your email messages. Then, your friends will be able to add you as a friend and you can start enjoying the benefits of video chats with them.

Improve your Quality of Calls. While you may not be aware of it, there could be many reasons for poor call quality. Sometimes, the caller could be using an older version of the software or not compatible with the latest technology. Sometimes the call was disconnected due to any reason. You can make use of the video chat app to re-chat with them in these instances.

The app comes with an integrated webcam that can enhance the performance of your chat application. Video chat is possible with friends without worrying about the quality of the images or the difficulty setting of the camera. The webcam automatically increases the quality of the image which improves the quality of calls even more. You can easily observe the impact yourself.