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Importance of the Legal and Law

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The law refers to the body of the rules and standard which is issued by the government. The legal is defines as the related to the law or lawyer. With the help of this article, you will know about the types, advantages, and features of the legal and law in the society.

What are the types of laws in the Indian Judicial system?

Commonly there are four types of Legal & Law in the Indian Judicial system. They are given by,

Criminal law: It is enforced by the police. The cases like theft dealt, homicide and rape are coming under the criminal law.

Civil law: This is one of the types of the law which looks at the action. It is the dealing the disputes between the peoples and organizations. It will cover the custody of the youngsters, divorce, property disputes, insurance claims and coverage, and many other areas.

Common law: It is referred to as the case law which is derived from the judicial determination of the courts and tribunals. As the name suggests the common law is common for all peoples.

Statutory law: It is also known as statute law which is established by the legislature of the legislative body. It is handled by the state legislature and it is signed by the state governor.

What are the advantages of the legal and law?

The notching advantages of the Legal & Law are given by,

Uniformity and certainty: It will provide the certainty and uniformity to the administration of the justice. The same law is applied to all cases. If the facts are the same there is no distinction between the one case and another case.

Protection against the arbitrary: The law will be fixed the principle of the law of the justice which helps to avoid the danger of the arbitrary and dishonest decisions.

Freedom from the errors: The fixed rules of the law protect the administration from the errors.

Reliability: The reliability is another advantage of the law. It is more reliable compared to the individual judgment of the court.

What are the fascinating features of the legal and law?

The fascinating features of the Legal & Law are given by,
⦁ It is one of the general rules of the human behavior. It will apply to all the peoples in the state. All peoples are equally subjected to the law.
⦁ It is definite and it is formulated by the state. It is one of the types of the rule which is implemented by the state.
⦁ The laws are made and enforced by the government of the every state. It will create the binding and authority values for all persons of the state.
⦁ The state is the basis of the law and if you are violated the law you will get punished by the government.
⦁ The punishment is also described in the law. The court will give the judgment is based on the law.
⦁ The main purpose of the law is to provide the peace in the state, protection to the peoples, and security of the state peoples. It also protects the rights and freedom of the person in every state.