TV Shows

Psych (and Other Underated TV Shows)

Sterling K. Brown, James Roday posing for the camera

With all the reality television and awful game shows out there today, we finally have some hope for humanity. It seemed for a while that television was in a downward spiral and we as a public we’re actually becoming less intelligent because of it. Thanks to the “USA Network” and three of their top original programs, we may be able to salvage some dignity as American viewers.

“Psych” The television show “Psych” is about an investigator claiming to be psychic, but he has actually been trained from a young age by his detective father to be extremely observant and detail oriented. This show is smart and full of humor. They did a perfect job casting the characters and the writers did a great job with their sarcastic comedic timing.

“Burn Notice” – This high action show is about CIA agent whom gets burned, losing his identity and essentially his entire life and fights to find out who crossed him. This show has a lot of great energy, and I can see it getting very popular very quickly. I like how the director and writers can twist the mix of action and comedy together. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind show.

“White Collar” – This is a show where an FBI agent and a criminal mastermind team up to hunt down criminals while trying not to get caught working together. I really enjoy the unlikely duo and the suspense that builds throughout the show. It proves that television directors really can come up with original ideas filled with smart humor and action to keep us entertained.

These three programs are what I like to call “word of mouth shows.” That simply means they are on a network that doesn’t get enough publicity or credit, and you will probably only hear about them from somebody who accidentally stumbled upon them. Well, I am that person who stumbled upon them and I enjoyed them so much that I felt the need to bring attention to these programs.

So the next time you flip on the television, please skip over Snooki being pregnant or a bunch of nonathletic people trying to complete on some outlandish obstacle course. Instead, turn to the USA Network and watch something that is very entertaining and will stimulate your brain.