Movie Review: Son of Rambow (2008)

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Some spoilers present. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

Sometimes you run across a gem of a film, and you have to talk about it. Son of Rambow is a story of two boys who become unlikely friends while making the greatest movie of all time based on the gory war movie, Rambo.

Will Proudfoot (played by Bill Milner) is a waif of a boy with enough imagination to fill a gymnasium. Will is deterred from listening to music, watching TV or having much to do with anyone outside of his religion. Will hides his creativity from his mother and the Brotherhood, but he is a powder keg of ideas ready to blow.

Lee Carter (played by Will Poulter) is a bold, bratty little boy who lacks a mother and father for guidance. Lee only has the guidance of his mean spirited older brother. Lee yearns for his brother’s love but is often teased by his brother’s friends and ignored by the brother altogether. Lee’s spare time is spent getting into trouble and lugging around a huge camera with which he is making a film.

The two boys meet in the hallway of their school when Will is forced to sit outside class during a film and Lee is thrown out of his own class for getting into trouble. The two boys begin a strange and hilarious friendship. Lee bullies and tests Will, and Will accepts his friend’s abuse with simple innocence and patience. The friendship blossoms into mutual respect and the two become blood brothers.

Will gains confidence as his story begins to take shape on film, and Lee becomes jealous and angry as their film starts to spiral out of control. As they struggle to finish their film, outside forces threaten to pull them apart. In the end, their friendship wins through and the Son of Rambow comes to fruition.

Throw in an ultra cool French exchange student, a flying dog, and a crossbow, and you have a classic film. Although sometimes the pieces don’t always seem to fit, it does feel good all the way through and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Son of Rambow, directed by Garth Jennings, is a brilliant adventure story. It is also a story about friendship and the ideals that are bigger than all of us put together.

But most of all, this movie is about imagination.

I give Son of Rambow an 8 out of 10.