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I spent the last two days in Richmond, Virginia, at a conference put on by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, “Males and Violence: Engaging Men and Boys as Survivors, Advocates, and Change Agents.”

I spoke for an hour about my life, my book, Something Terrible, about my recovery and growth as a survivor of child sexual abuse. I want to thank everyone who attended my session. I got great questions at the end of my presentation, and afterwards, I talked to a lot of cool people doing good work for survivors.

I also really enjoyed hearing what the other guests and speakers had to say about this subject. Also presenting this weekend were Steve LePore and Anthony Edwards from, Dr. David Lisak of Bristlecone Project, Simon Weinberg & Kathy Barbini,Heath Phillips, Eric Barreras, and so many others. It was truly a special experience for me, so I want to thank Tricia Everetts and Courtney Meyer from the VA DCJS for inviting me. It’s rare for the real world to give you moments of feeling like you’re on a team of superheroes, but this was one of those. Thanks, guys.

I always have to doodle while I listen to speakers, of course, so here are some of my superhero sketches from the conference.